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Christ The King Primary school

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                                         CHRIST THE KING PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                           P.O BOX 78– 50200,BUNGOMA.

                                                MOBILE:  0572530609





Christ the King Primary School started in 2004. It is a Catholic sponsored school.

The school is in Bungoma County, Bungoma South Sub-County. It is 200metres from the main Kanduyi-Bungoma-Mumias Road behind Catholic Cathedral church.

The school started as a result of the demand for quality education in Bungoma municipality. The school started under the visionary priest Rev.Fr.Christopher Wanyonyi.

Rev.Fr.Christopher Wanyonyi



It is a mixed day school. It stands on three and half acre piece of land.

The school runs purely and strictly on the Catholic rules and traditions, prayer life, quality education and discipline.

The first head teacher was Mr.Stephen Mbutu from 2004 – 2014, the second headteacher Mr.Francis Wanyela 2014 to 2015 and the current headteacher Mr.Francis nalimae 2015 todate.

The current enrolment is at 1870 pupils.



Welcome to our school website, here are some of the reasons why choose Christ The King Primary School as a school of your choice.


THE SCHOOL MOTTO: Learn to be Kings and Queens

SCHOOL MISSION: To evangelize through holistic learning.

VISION: To be a centre of excellence in the provision of integrated quality education, training and research for National development.

At CTKP we believe that all children in school should be given equal opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our pre-primary section is in three levels i.e Day Care, Pre-Primary one and Pre-primary two.


Pre-primary classes runs from Monday to Friday

The primary section is the same Monday to Friday.

School Calender

Our school calendar is categorized into three term

Term 1 runs from January to April

Term 11 runs from May to August

Term 111 runs from September to November


Pre-Primary pupils are admitted at three levels f different ages from 3 years, 4 years and 5 years.

The Day care children are taken through formal education while the pp1 and pp2 are taught using Designs and books from Ministry of Education. The ECDE section has a total of 15 tears who are trained and registered by the Teacher Service Commission.


The school has lower primary from Grade 1 to grade 3,Middle classes grade 4up to grade 5. Upper primary from grade 6 to grade 8.

The pupils are mainly admitted in January and at the start of every new term as need arises.


Visits are arranged to support and consolidate what pupils have learnt in class. Visits are according to classes and they are usually out of our county to other counties within the county.

At grade 5 learners have a one day visit to Kisumu to special points teachers will come up with. When learners are in Std 6 their visit is up to Nakuru, its always a residential visit for 3 days. Learners tour historical sites and other areas they have learnt about. .

At Grade 8 they usually have a residential tour of 4 days to Nairobi.


At CTKP our day care pupils are taken through formal education by teachers i.e day to day life skills, when they come to pre-primary one and pre-primary two learners are taken through informal learning. The school has the Designs to follow from MOE. Grade 1 to grade 3 pupils are taught the new curriculum (CBC).

At Grade 4 up to grade 8 we are still in the 8-4-4 curriculum of learning.

At the end of the year our learners transit 95% to other levels while our grade 8 pupils always record 100% transit to high schools. It is on record our school continues to register more candidates and continuous to do better in  its exams each year.


We appreciate the value of homework to our learners. It assists internalize what they have learnt at school and for parents to take an active role in learning of their children by overseeing and signing their children’s written work.

Our parents are encouraged to support and encourage their children to do and finish their homework at home. The homework is also important in preparation for the work about to begin.


Our school is open to consultation. The H/T and teachers are always willing to meet the parents/Guardians to discuss the work of their children at specified times i.e Break time, lunch time and also games time.

The Head teacher’s office is always open as from 6.30 am to receive reports, discuss issues pertaining the school the school at large. Parents wishing to meet the H/T can see him at any time any day except weekends.


The school participates fully and actively in the co-curricular activities especially in Drama.

In 2015 our drama team went up to Nationals and came 2nd position nationally we received trophies.

In 2016 we fully participated in Drama up to national and came 3rd nationally.

In 2017 we had our drama team up to nationals and emerged position one national. We received trophies and certificates for our participants.




2019 the drama went up to national. We came out position one and we were privileged to perform at State Concert.




-Scouting in an active club in school.

Drama club

Debating club which helps pupils to improve the speaking skills


Every class teacher has the duty to see to it that the learners have morning prayers before lessons start and at any time before pupils move out  for their break time, lunch time and time for going home the pupils pray first. Or pre-primary and lower primary classes apart from having prayers, break time, lunch they usually have mass every Wednesday in the afternoon before going home, while for upper primary they have mass every Friday afternoon before coming for their games time.

Each class teacher has the class contact numbers in case of any emergency they conduct their parents/guardians.

We do not tolerate any form of bullying and schools bullying policy is strongly adhered to by teachers and pupils.

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