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Among the projects the Parish intends to accomplish are:

  • Purchase 17 acres of land and an existing hospital building with all its facilities on a 3 acre plot.

  • Convert the existing hospital into a nursing and mid wifery college.

  • Establish an information and communication technology hub for western Kenya and Nyanza provinces.

  • Build a day and boarding secondary school that will accommodate at least 250 students in its first year on implementation.

  • Build a boarding section of the primary school.

On going projects


For the last three years the school has been growing rapidly, the storage facility which used to serve 200 students cannot serve the current population of about 900 students. In this case there is an urgent need for a substantial school food store.


Due to the current increase in the population of the students we need to increase the number of toilets especially for boys as the number of boys has increased to about 460.

Toilets for teachers also need to be increased. We initially had 1 for ladies and 1 for men. We need to have 2 for ladies and 2 for men.


The school needs Administration block which should include :-

(i) Director’s office

(ii) Head teacher’s office

(iii) Deputy head teacher’s office.

(iv)  A Staff room for teachers. They currently sit on the verandah of the classrooms while marking books, examinations etc.

 (v) 2 secretaries’ offices


We are now embarking to fully complete the Cathedral Plaza where specifically we want to extend the hall to hold a larger capacity due to the increase in population.

The Parish is keen on nurturing Christians right at the community level with the purpose of:

  • Fostering a close-knit society where every member is aware of his/her neighbor's welfare and in case of any problems, members strive to find a solution and hence promote togetherness.

  • Promoting evangelization where the faithfuls meet in their Small Christian Communities and with their catechist, share the word of God and live it through their deeds.


Christ The King Parish has 62 Small Christian Communities (SCC). Each SCC has a catechist and leaders who include; The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, treasurer, and a Liturgy Leader. Every SCC is given a chance to lead Sunday liturgy (i.e. ensuring that singing, reading the word, and offertory during Mass is done according to the church's directives). The SCC meet every Sunday after the days' Mass in their communities where they pray together and read the next Sunday’s reading in advance.


There are other spiritual groups whose purpose is to uphold spirituality in the faithfuls. These include:

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus

  • Charismatic Renewal

  • Biblical Apostolate

  • Legion of Mary


The confirmation celebrations which took place on the 31st/05/2009 attracted over 2,000 faithfuls that were drawn from the seven parishes of the Bungoma Diocese. This event occurred on the day when the Catholic Church worldwide commemorates the day of the Pentecost which marks the end of the period of pasca.

During the Holy Mass that was animated by the Bungoma Diocese Bishop Norman King'oo Wambua, 529 graduands received the sacrament - the second among the seven sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church.

The day's readings were;
1st Reading Acts of Apostles 2:1-11
Psalms 104:1, 24, 29-31, 34
2nd Reading 1 Corinthians 12:3b-7, 12-13
The Gospel
In reference to the above readings the Bishop appealed to the laity to be steadfast in their faith and spread God's word to those who have not received it. He urged them to have a close relationship with God and our savior Jesus Christ, in order to grow in faith, stating that just as the various parts of the human body perform numerous roles but which compliment each other for the well being of the human person, so is Jesus Christ the Church.
Finally, he told the congregation to shun retrogressive culture which undermined their faith in the word as this would deny them salvation.
The celebration was marked with pomp and ecstasy, as it provided an opportunity for the faithfuls to mingle with the Bishop, and had the congregation take forth all manner of presents to their diocesan leader. The Bishop expressed his gratitude for the generosity of his flock towards him.
The Bungoma sub parish choir also known as St. Cecilia seized that chance to roll out their preliminary video shooting exercise in preparation for their video album to be produced later this year.


This celebration was marked on the 07/06/2009, the 1st Sunday of the month of June.
This event was held to acknowledge the importance of the Holy Trinity i.e. God the Father, God the Son and The Holy Spirit.

The day's readings were:
1st Reading Deuteronomy 4:32-34, 39-40
Psalms 33:13
2nd Reading 1st letter of St.Paul to the Corinthians 2:14-17
The Gospel Mark 28:16-20

In reference to the above readings the celebrant Fr.Christopher Wanyonyi urged the Christians to recognize the Holy Trinity and respect the works of each one of them.

The sub parish was privileged to receive visitors from St.Immaculate Conception and Vianney parishes in the United States of America who were also delighted at the way the congregation and the liturgical dancers zealously participated in the Holy Mass and urged them to continue spreading the word of God.
During their two-week stay, the group had a chance to mingle with fellow Christians in this part of the globe. The Catholic Women Association (CWA) held a welcoming party for the visitors at Fr.Walstra Hall at the church where they showcased various items of their handiwork and craftsmanship as one of their income generating ventures. The visiting brethren were so delighted and challenged by the hostesses' initiative and donated Sh.89, 000 to boost the projects.
Similarly, the visitors were able to view some of the projects they had facilitated such as a classroom block under construction at the Christ the King Parochial Academy.


This is the celebration of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. It was held on the 14/06/2009 where the congregation had a procession around the Bungoma town during which they prayed for various needs namely; prosperity, good health and evangelism. The procession took place after Mass.
The day's readings were;
1st Reading Exodus 24:3-8
Psalms 116:12-93, 25-18
2nd Reading Ebranians 9:11-15
The Gospel Mark 14:1…
The celebrant Fr.Crispinus Marofu stated that the celebration was held to commemorate the events that took place during the Holy Thursday before Good Friday. He added that, this exercise was done as a way of recognizing that Jesus Christ is King.
During the era before Christ, animal slaughtering and sacrifice was a way of reconciliation between man and God after which a covenant was sealed.
Jesus Christ died as a sacrificial lamb to take away all sins and set a new covenant between man and God. Hence, just as Jesus Christ participated in our humanness through his suffering and crucifixion, so do we participate in his Godliness by celebrating and showing respect towards his Body and Blood.
Before the celebration, we must repent our sins in order to receive chastity. The preparation for chastity should be done through prayer, repentance, the rosary, and singing songs of praise, failure to which we as Christians receive curses instead of blessings.
At the end of the procession, the Christians congregated at the church where they prayed the Novena of St.Dominic before departing for their Small Christian Community prayers.

Kabula Parish

The parish has a population of 16,000 faithfuls up from 14,000 people at the time of inauguration. This population is drawn from the 8 sub parishes namely:

  • Kabula

  • Sang'alo

  • Bulondo

  • Muvule

  • Mwibale

  • Khaweli

  • Mwikhupo and;

  • Namasanda



The faithfuls of Kabula had yearned for a parish since the year 1915. This dream was realized more than 8 decades later in 2002. The aim of creating this parish was to bring services near the people by reducing the distance that faithfuls had been travelling to Bungoma town more than 10 km away. Initially the parish was under Christ The King Parish - Bungoma. The new parish was opened officially on 13th April, 2002 after the completion of the church building that was constructed at a cost of Kshs.12.5 million. The construction lasted less than two years and was financed through fundraising.

The parish relies on sugarcane farming, dairy cattle keeping as a way of income generation as well as goodwill from the Christians and friends for running its affairs.


It is situated along the Bungoma-Mumias road, 10km away from Bungoma town.


The parish is under the leadership of two priests; Fr. Bramwel and Fr.Michael Wanyonyi. It also has a Pastoral Parish Council consisting of 24 members who are elected from the 66 Small Christian Communities (SCC).

Kimatuni Parish

The church population is 8,000 from six sub parishes which includes:

  • Mateka

  • Siakomolo

  • Kimatuni

  • Namatotoa

  • Namanze and;

  • Mungore

The parish has 40 Small Christian Communities (SCC) and 6 catechists who assist in the pastoral work.


This parish was created in 2007 with a purpose of decentralizing services nearer the christians. This is the latest parish to be created. It was officially opened on 4th February 2007 as an independent parish after being created by Christ The King Bungoma Parish. The church stands on a 3-acre piece of land 15 km away from Bungoma town off the Bungoma-Mumias road towards Buyofu. The parish is under the leadership of 2 priests Fr.Sebastian Mang'oli and Fr.Augustine Barasa as well as a 30-member Pastoral Parish Council which assists in running the affairs of the church.




Real Estate

In an attempt to become financially self reliant, Christ The King Parish decided to venture into Real Estate Investment. In 2006 the construction of a three-storey building was started. This was facilitated through parish collections and well wishers' contributions. The building was to offer office space to business persons and the accruing earnings from rent would assist in runing the Parish affairs.

Currently, a section of the building has been rented out though it is still under construction. Eventually, this would reduce the burden on christians where they would not be asked contribute money every now and then.

The building is situated along the Kanduyi-Bungoma-Mumias Road and therefore a very prime area where business is good. This advantage has made it scrambled for, even before completion an indicator that the real estate sector has not been fully exhausted

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